Maldives begins charging Green Tax from guesthouses

A guesthouse in Maafushi, home to most of the guesthouses in the country
The Maldives commenced a daily Green Tax of USD 3 for guesthouses beginning October 1.

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) stated that a daily tax of USD 3 will be charged from tourists staying at guesthouses under the amendment made to the Maldives’ Tourism Act on June 29.

The Green Tax was introduced last November and until now had been charged from tourists staying at resorts, hotels and safari cruises at a daily rate of USD 6. The tax, which is charged from all expatriates in the Maldives except those with resident visas, had not been imposed on guesthouses previously.

In a circular, MIRA stipulated that the Green Tax must be submitted to the authority monthly with November 28 as the next deadline.

According to MIRA’s statistics released last month, Green Tax had brought in a revenue of USD 27 million in August.

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