Earth Hour at Kuredu Resort

Yesterday Kuredu Resort celebrated Earth Hour. A worldwide event where people are encouraged to switch off their lights and electrical appliances to save energy. To raise awareness for this special occasion Kuredu Island Resort Maldives decided to invite all guests to a candle litt dinner on the beach. From 8:30 to 9:30 the resort and guests switched off the lights and were able to reduce the electrical consumption on the island by 56.2%!

Last year as part of Earth Hours “I will if you will” initiative Kuredu made a challenge that if one person bought an electric car, Kuredu would install a water bottling plant. In 2012 the resort used more than half a million plastic bottles. Since the challenge was accepted Kuredu kept their promise, and in the beginning of January 2013 opened its own bottling plant. The bottling plant features glass re-usable bottles and has drastically reduced the islands plastic dependency.

This year “I will if you will” challenge was that if one person committed to start using solar power the resort would switch of 500 air-conditioners on the 23rd of March. As was the case last year the challenge was accepted and last night the resort switches off the air-conditioners to keep their commitment.

Kuredu Island Resort – Keeping Paradise Green !



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