Kuoni labels Maldives as top overseas hotspot for Britons

The recently released Kuoni report on current travel trends has revealed the Maldives is the top choice for British holidaymakers heading overseas. The holiday and travel firm cited the Indian Ocean islands’ brilliant white beaches, translucent seas and tropical setting and climate as the main reasons for their enduring popularity among Britons. 

Arrivals figures confirm that 92,775 British visitors landed in the Maldives during 2015. In the 36th annual Kuoni study on holiday trends, the second and third favourites for UK travellers were Thailand and Sri Lanka. Kuoni has identified Japan and Myanmar as rising stars for the coming year.

These nations are mostly around the Indian Ocean and Kuoni noted that the countries in this region have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past 10 years. The firm’s managing director, Derek Jones, attributed this to people’s thirst to explore new frontiers. 

He carried on by saying that travel to foreign climes was an essential part of the lives of 21st century Britons. He added that direct flights to the likes of Vietnam as well as Costa Rica and Peru made these countries more accessible and easy to get to. 

The end result of this accessibility is that countries or geographical regions which were off limits even a decade ago are now fast evolving into mainstream holiday destinations. Mr Jones wound up his comments with the claim that modern Britons were now working hard to make their travel bucket lists come true.


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