Peace Boat volunteers clean up Maldives capital beach

Volunteers of the Japanese Peace Boat cruise, currently anchored at capital Male, carried out a clean-up programme at Artificial Beach in the capital’s east coast.

The clean-up was jointly organised by Peace Boat and Junior Chamber International, with 20 passengers and several volunteers participating in the activity.

Junior Chamber’s media and marketing director Adam Migdhadh told Haveeru that the objective of the clean-up was to raise awareness of the effects of environmental changes on the delicate nature of the Maldives.

“We delivered information on the vulnerability of the Maldives’ environment. The [clean up] received a lot of support from the participants,” he said.

Migdhadh went on to say that the opportunity had brought much happiness to the Peace Boat participants.

“They were highly motivated for the activity. They are quite aware of the Maldives’ environment conditions and they wanted to help out as much as possible,” he explained.

According to Migdhadh, a hefty amount of trash were removed during the Artificial Beach clean-up. They had also held a lucky draw to choose a certain number of people to visit the Peace Boat for a tour.

Migdhadh added that Junior Chamber, which is managed by youth, will carry out more activities in the future to raise awareness on problems facing the Maldives.

Peace Boat is a global NGO headquartered in Japan. The Peace Boat cruises visit various countries annually to work for peace, human rights and environmental protection among other objectives. Peace Boat had previously visited the Maldives in 2013.


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