German billionaire vacations in Maldives on USD 100m luxury yacht

German billionaire Reinhold Wuerth is vacationing in the Maldives in his 100 million dollar luxury yacht.

The billionaire arrived in the Maldives on Thursday morning, CNM has learnt. Reinhold Wuerth is the 14th richest man in Germany with a wealth of USD 6.5 billion.

Vibrant curiosity in Maldives- Photo: Auzam

The luxury yacht, Vibrant Curiosity, has 256 feet in length and cost about 65 million pounds. It can travel up to 20 nautical miles per hour.

Vibrant Curiosity has 14 luxury rooms, VIP suite, five double suites and a helicopter. There are 26 members of crew on board.

Source :CNM


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