Submarine Dives

The most comfortable and exciting way to explore the underwater treasures of the Maldives is by embarking on a submarine dive. You can explore the depths of the sea and witness the marvellous life beneath the surface during the submerged adventure.

As the submarine descends down the water you will be greeted by schools of colourful fish. Relax in comfortable seats and observe the hidden treasures residing underwater. The view ports of the submarine are designed for you to get the perfect view of the marine life. The submarine is fully air-conditioned and prudent safety measures are in place.

The submarine dives to a distance of around 45 meters. Along the way you will be treated to gardens of coral kingdoms and various species of fish. Explore underwater caves and pinnacles while you sit in the comfort of the submarine.

Exterior lights of the submarine enhance the visibility and reveal the hidden secrets of the sea. On eventful days you will sight sharks, giant groupers and napoleon wrasses. Revel in the sight of sharks congregating to feed just outside your submarine view port. Discover old shipwrecks as you survey the submerged environment.

A submarine ride is a perfect way to explore the ocean for kids, adults and elderly. You can book submarine rides directly or through your resorts and hotels. The submarine operators will collect you on a short boat ride to the submarine, to begin your adventure. Once the submarine ride is over you will be brought to the shore aboard the boat.


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