Big Game Fishing

Maldivians have engaged in fisheries for millenniums. For generations the livelihoods of the islanders were sustained by the abundance of fish in the Maldivian waters. Big game fishing gives the opportunity for visitors to experience the real Maldivian way of life.

Resort islands organise excursions for big game fishing enthusiasts. A short boat ride from the resorts will get you to the open sea, where you can engage in a thrilling fishing adventure. Resorts provide boats specifically built for fishing, equipped with the necessary gears and facilities. These boats are manned by crews who are professionally trained for such excursions.

Common catch of big game fishers in Maldives include Barracuda, Sail fish, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna, Snappers and Groupers.

Big game fishing excursions offered by Maldivian resorts are a comfortable and exhilarating affair. During your fishing trip you will be provided with meals and drinks to keep your appetite for fishing stronger. Modern technologies like radars and fish finders are equipped in most boats.

All boats are required to have safety equipments and first aid in case of an emergency. You can bring your own fishing rods and reels or use the ones offered by the resorts. You can also purchase international brands of fishing rods and reels in the Capital Male’ and resort islands. Make sure to use appropriate lures and baits fitting for the targeted species of fish.

Maldives focuses on conserving the fish stock of the country. Hence it is required to release big billfish once you catch them. The crews of your boat will be trained in releasing them. It is not required to release reef fish and big game fish like tuna. To further the conservation cause, most resorts apply the policy of releasing most of the catch and only keeping fish enough for cooking.

Explore every day a different fishing spot in the Maldives and take the chance of catching the biggest fish of your life.


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