5 Things former Miss Australia Erin Holland say you MUST try in the Maldives

03 DEC 2015
She’s one of the most travelled women in Australia, having covered most of the globe since taking out the title of Miss Australia/Oceania in 2013.

And while she loves every destination she’s ever visited, if you ask Erin Holland which has been her favourite so far she won’t hesistate to confirm that it’s actually the Maldives.

Speaking to KarryOn at the Maldives Showcase in Sydney earlier this week, Erin explained that while she’s been lucky enough to experience the best in a number of destinations, nothing has quite compared to the sun, surf and sights of the tropical nation.
“It truly is paradise.”
Erin Holland, Former Miss Australia/Oceania
“I love every place I’ve been to because every place is different but as a beach baby and someone raised in Queensland I really took to the Maldives. It’s like Cairns on steroids, it’s amazing.”
Although most would associate the Maldives with honeymooners, Erin said as a solo traveller in the destination she didn’t feel out of place and in fact was surprised to find that a vast number of activities available.
“I was a little concerned at first because I was going on my own but they actually have so much to do I was never bored,” she explained.
“I went free diving through a Blue Hole, swimming with the turtles, there’s glass bottom boats and I stayed in an ocean reef house which is  a 250-square metres house in the middle of the reef that has its own infinity pool and you can go snorkeling straight off your house.”
On that note, here are Erin’s top five things you must try in the Maldives:

5. Wine & Tasting

Erin cheese
“It is epic. I don’t drink wine but all the cheese and meats were absolutely incredible. Their knowledge of the various cheese and wines is fantastic too – they train them up so well,” she explained.
“I tried a truffle honey with cheese and it was so good I ended up ordering it every day I was there.”

4. Eat everything – I mean everything

“Just taste test everything while you’re there, it’s all delicious. The food is made up of various influences, there’s a bit of traditional Maldivian influences, some Middle Eastern flavours and Indian, it’s like a melting pot of all these incredible tastes.”
“You’re only on holidays once so eat up and then swim it off when you’re snorkelling with the turtles or manta rays.”
“One of the best meals I had while I was there was a seven course gestation at Amilla – it was a menu created by Luke Mangan. There was also the sunset dining where your table is set up right by the beach front and you enjoy your meal while the sun goes down, it’s amazing.”

3. Yoga at sunrise

“It’s one of the best moments during the trip – enjoying a yoga session with a private instructor on the jetti. It was one of the great yoga experiences I’ve ever had, I highly recommend it.”

2. Snorkelling with the turtles

“It’s just an amazing thing to do. You get to swim with them and it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.”

1. Snorkelling the Blue Hole

Blue hole
“The blue hole is this natural reef divide in the ocean and you can free dive inside it. It’s an exhilarating feeling once you’re down there, it’s so freeing and you’re surrounded by all this marine life that don’t generally swim in the open waters.”

Have you visited the Maldives?


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