SANAM releases new single featuring Maldives' Mira

The famous Indian band 'Sanam' released Tuesday, 10 November 2015 the music video of their new single which features popular local singer Mira Mohamed Majid.

The music video was released on Sanam’s official YouTube channel.

Sanam’s new song is a slightly upbeat cover of the old Hindi classic “Yeh Vaada Raha”, performed by the band’s vocalist #Sanam Puri and Mira. The two singers had performed the same song at Sanam’s first show in the #Maldives, which was held at Raalhugandu in capital MalĂ© on the occasion of the nation’s 50th Independence Day.

The shooting of the music video took place on the beach of Herathera Island Resort during the band’s last visit to the Maldives in October to hold a show in #Addu City.

The chorus of the song and one verse are performed in the local Maldivian language Dhivehi. The band wrote on their official Facebook page that this is “a tribute to this beautiful, scenic country, and it's wonderful people who have welcomed us with such warm hearts”.

Immediately after its YouTube release, Sanam’s fans have been raining praise on the song and the music video. Fans have also praised Mira and some commented on the beauty of the location.

Facebook shares skyrocketed within an hour of the song's release, with several locals also sharing and praising the song.


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